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When you listen to the music of Elegantly Wasted, the Los Angeles based rock band formed by singer/guitarists Lenny J and Queen D, you are experiencing the finely blended embodiment of all of the best attributes of timeless rock and roll.  The precision musicianship, true to life lyrics, high energy performance and dedication to their mantra “keep it loud and stay true” have made them a fixture in the rock and roll world for over decade.  

With the release of their 3rd album “The Dog Years” Elegantly Wasted continues to tap into their own experiences and deep love of pure, unadulterated rock and roll.  “Every song comes from real life experience and means everything to us,” Queen D says of the tracks from “The Dog Years”.   They describe the album as a journey through a band’s ups and downs,  “if you believe in it you just never give up,” states Lenny.  

Though Elegantly Wasted has remained the main focus for its founding members since the beginning, they have both had opportunities to do some exciting side projects over the last few years while they were writing and recording their new album.  Lenny had a role in the hit movie “Get Him to the Greek” as the guitar player for Russell Brand’s band Infant Sorrow and Queen D had the opportunity to go to Iraq with the all-female AC/DC tribute band Thundherstruck to perform for US military personnel stationed there.  

Elegantly Wasted has toured Europe 5 times, including large festival dates in Switzerland and Germany and the US twice.  They are regular performers at the best rock clubs in Los Angles and have also done two independent US tours.  Both their debut album “Greetings from a Strange Place” in 2003 and its follow-up “Desolation Row” in 2007 have produced songs that generated radio airplay both in the US and Europe and the anticipation in both markets for “The Dog Years” will certainly see the momentum build.  

If every overnight sensation is 11 years in the making then you can bet that Elegantly Wasted is poised for great successes in 2021 and beyond!

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